Easi-Scan Remote Display

Easi-Scan Remote Display

Ref. E3-Remote-Display

A robust, remote, and wireless imaging solution

Ref. E3-Remote-Display


  • Easi-Scan Remote Display combines unprecedented display performance with excellent portability and robustness.

Technical Specifications

Weight (kg) 1.65 kg (with battery)
Dimensions 24 x 23 x 5 cm
Pixel Resolution VGA 640 x 480
Battery life 5 hours in use or 7 hours on standby mode
Charging Options Stand alone or carry case chargers
Charge Time 5 hours
Compatible Scanners Easi-Scan, Easi-Scan Lite and Duo-Scan
Environmental Rating IP65 sealed and vented with GORETEX breather


Easi-Scan Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner

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